Marble Run Misses the Mark

Discovery Marble Run Credit:

“Hours of kinetic fun” as advertised on the box of the Discovery Marble Run is a lie. It’s more like hours of annoyance and frustration.

The kit comes with 313 pieces including ten marbles and one instruction booklet with tracks, gears, and other pieces to build your own marble set. Despite all of this, it’s definitely not something you should waste your time or money on.

For starters, the instruction manual is really only a blurry piece of paper. It’s incredibly hard to read and there’s no color, so you can’t tell which pieces are which. It shows you how to make one marble run but it’s so dark and hard to see, you might as well just make up your own. The poor contrast and minor differences in pieces that you can’t see in the instructions makes it really hard to build the run especially if you don’t know how to use the pieces.

Speaking of, there are eleven types of pieces and they all have flaws. The slides and tracks are flimsy and break when trying to put them together. They are also extremely hard to connect; it was hard for me to put them together much less a six-year-old which is the specified age for this product.

The chain links snap in half when connecting, and by the time the whole set was put together, there were six broken pieces and it didn’t even work.

The marbles which are way too big for the tracks speed off or get stuck and don’t move.

The chain that is supposed to lift the marble up with little claw-like pieces doesn’t work at all-; the marbles slide off and the pieces don’t fit with each other.

This would get one out of five stars because it doesn’t work, pieces broke, the instructions are hard to follow, and after a while of trying to figure it out, it’s not fun anymore and leaves for lots of disappointment.

Avoid this toy and look for other sets out there, because the $40 (on Amazon) Discovery Marble Run shouldn’t cost you a penny.