Is the new ‘Jumanji” More Intense Than the Original?


Jumanji is the tale of four young, basically normal kids, named Spencer (Alex Wolff), Bethany (Madison Iseman), Martha (Morgan Jeanette Turner), and Fridge (Ser’Darius Blain). When all four of them get detention, that’s when they find this game called Jumanji. After starting the game, they are all sucked inside the console!

The first thing that happens is pretty funny, where Spencer realizes he has changed into a new character (Dwayne Johnson), but right after this, the new Bethany (Jack Black) is eaten by a hippo, just minutes after arriving in Jumanji.

Afterwards, there are men with guns, trampling rhinos, the cutting blades of a helicopter, and snakes to name a few!

Of course, this is not a peaceful movie (rather disturbing in fact), and those who are watching should know that.

The old movie is less intense for younger children, so try watching the old version of the movie before you dive in to the new one.

This brings up a question. Is this a Sequel? Well, in some words, yes. It is. But at the same time it is not.

In the first movie, it shows at the end that the game is halfway covered in sand, while it is the same in the the second movie at the beginning. But in the second movie, the game is a video game instead of a board game. This would most likely be a squeal because of the magic in the beginning of the movie, which turns it into a video game.