Dot: Creativity Kit is a Waste of Time and Money

Dot: Creativity Kit is a waste of around $100 that please NOBODY

Dot in it's box


Dot is a robot sphere that can do things with bluetooth by coding it. It is supposed to be able to move around, play games and make noises that you code yourself. However, The Dot: Creativity Kit is not a wise decision to spend your money on.

After I experienced Dot without much enjoyment, I thought that maybe my 9-year-old brother and 6-year-old sister would like it better than I did. They did not. They were both confused and frustrated. You have to get three different apps, two that codes Dot and one that’s a remote for Dot, and even after testing out all of them, Dot didn’t do the slightest things but change colors.

Wonder Workshop, the creators of Dot, suggests Dot for ages 6+.The problem with this age recommendation is that the only people who would enjoy it would be under six, and anyone who actually knows how to work Dot are over six, ergo, nobody can truthfully enjoy Dot and work it too. And of course, nothing gets on my nerves most about Dot other than how cheesy all of the apps are. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the corny jokes that the apps constantly makes aren’t funny, and even my 6-year old sister agrees with that.

One frustrating part about Dot is that is intended to help kids learn to code, though it’s confusing for younger kids and once you get the hang of it, it can do nothing cool. A tip for Wonder Workshop: if you want to make a confusing program for young children, at least make their time and effort worthwhile, not to mention the approximate $100 spent on Dot.

Even my parents were against Dot. Since only under-six-year-olds enjoy Dot, and most six-year-olds don’t have their own phone, the parent’s phone becomes part of equation. Not only is their phone involved, but since the six-year-olds can’t work Dot, the parent becomes a required part of the complicated equation for just three minutes with Dot.

The only fun I can see in Dot is if you turn it on, but don’t connect it to a phone, press the button with one dot on it. Then it makes lightsaber noises. That will get young Star Wars fans excited. And for fashion people, a pack of over 100 stickers comes with Dot so you can personalize your Dot.  But again, that is something that (for the most part) under age 6 enjoys which is not the intended audience for this toy.

Dot in it’s box