The Miracle Season An Inspirational Film That Shares Phenomenal Messages


A red barn, a group of high school volleyball players, sadness, compassion, and love. All of these were essential in making the West High Trojans volleyball state champions two years in a row. However, the story is a lot more complicated than that.

In 2010 the Trojans had won the Iowa State Championship, and they were on the road to another one with team captain Caroline “Line” Found(Danika Yarosh). But after the start of the season in 2011, Found gets in a moped accident and dies. When the team finds out they are heartbroken, and they’re not even sure if they want to keep playing volleyball.

Eventually, the team is able to come back to practice, but they don’t really have their heads in the game. One of the people to take Found’s death the hardest is her best friend Kelly(Erin Moriarty), and she’s the one that will be taking over Found’s position as center. Finally, the girls decide that they are going to play this season to its fullest and “Win for Line”. All the while Found’s father(William Hurt) has to deal with the sadness of losing his daughter and his wife in one month, but with the help of Kelly, family, and friends he is able to start going to volleyball games again.

After a few losses the team gets back on their feet and is starting to win with the help of their tough-love coach Kathy Bresnahan(Helen Hunt). As they work harder and harder they get better and better, but they aren’t having fun anymore. After winning 15 games straight they are off to state. They win, and they are off to finals.

Although I think boys and men could enjoy the movie it seemed more geared towards older girls, and probably wouldn’t be great for younger kids because of the sadness portrayed. All in all, it was a very inspiring sports movie that they did a great job of portraying the true story in a movie and is one that you walk away from feeling motivated.