Unsinkable ship viewed by dog

Phote credit: Amazon website

It was the dead of night, waves were splashing, people were screaming, and all Mutt could think about was Alice.

In “Survival Tails: The Titanic,” Katrina Charman shows the unsinkable ship in the form of this courageous dog.

Mutt’s owner had not been able to take him aboard the unsinkable ship, so they had left him at home while they went to New York on the biggest and sturdiest ship in the world. But, alas, he had escaped that dreaded rope in the backyard, where he was tied to a pole. ,

Even so, his attempts to get on board the ship were seemed to be in vain, as he was spotted. He found an unusual friend in the form of King Leon, the ship rat. They stowed away in a mail crate and got on board.

Hours later, though, the small confines of the crate were tearing him apart, and he blasted out of the crate so fast it was hard to tell when the box was there and when it wasn’t.

The next day was fine, although Mutt was discovered by the captains cat, and agreed to take care of three stray kittens until landing in exchange for not being thrown overboard.

That night was when chaos broke out. The lookouts on the bridge did not see the iceberg until they had almost hit it, and when it seemed as though they missed it, a chunk from beneath the surface scraped the hull, puncturing six of the watertight compartments keeping the Titanic afloat, when the Titanic could survive with only 4 flooded. The ship’s designer told them that the ship had 2 hours left, and evacuation procedures began. Because it was in the dead of night, people got scared.

I will not tell you the rest of the story, because I want you to buy the book and read it.

This is a terrific book for many different people, though best for kids aged 10-15, who might understand the story more, while still being interested in the Titanic. Old or young, big or small, most people, and all Titanic fanatics, will love the book about a small dog that was on the unsinkable ship that was meeting the fish.