The Mad Wolf’s Daughter


“The Mad Wolf’s Daughter” by Diane Magras is about a young lass, Drest. When knights from Faintree castle take her father and brothers away, she seeks their rescue taking with her a wounded knight as her captive. Along the way she meets a boy, Tig and his crow. As she travels, her family’s voices in her head guide her to overcome hurdles and tricky spots on her way to the castle.
Drest is daring, and also cunning. She tricked a bandit into thinking that she was a poor village girl! She has short brown hair and green eyes. Her father, Grimbol, was known throughout the villages as the Mad Wolf of the North. Her brothers and father would go on raids, therefore his name was familiar to lots of of people. They would bring back stories while she waited for them on the headland, where they lived.
This book was very good and is one of those books that you would want to read on a stormy day. A low point for this book is that it can be a bit confusing at times and you have to reread sentences every so often. Another point is that it is kind of violent, and a little scary for younger kids. Once you begin to read, you start to get to know the characters as if you were their best friends. I would recommend this book to kids nine to twelve years old. For those who enjoy a good adventure novel, this one is for you.