Wonders of Painting Colors


The “Ultimate Artist” sets from Rose Art include wood coloring, dot paint, and canvas coloring. In the wood coloring set you are given a paint brush and watercolor pencils, then you color along the lines engraved in the wood. After that, to blend the colors you wet the brush and paint over the colors with water. The same thing happens on the canvas coloring, but it is a canvas instead of a wooden board. In the dot paint there are two boards, each with specific markings showing you what color dots to put where. It also comes with a variety of paint colors in specially made paint tubes to distribute the paint evenly in small dots. All of these would be recommended for age groups of 7-11 years. If they are younger they probably do not have the hand-skill to do it.

In each ultimate artist set there one or more designs to color. Each package has different design for you to paint on. My favorite is the dot paint because it has more than one piece to paint on in the package. It is also just surprisingly addictive and it’s great because with your final result you get a colorful, beautiful picture. All of the sets feel a little bit repetitive. It takes a lot of time, focus and patience to do each set. It has also limited creativity because they are all a template instead of free reign coloring. Still, they have beautiful, colorful, magnificent paintings in Rose Art Ultimate Artist.