“Home Alone” Type of Book Combines Mystery and Adventure

front cover Photo Credit: Amazon Website

“Brightwood” by Tania Unsworth is a terrific book that follows a little girl named Caroline.

Caroline, however is a special case, as I like to call it. Nobody except her mother knows that she exists. She grew up on the grounds of Brightwood mansion and has never left.

The only human she has ever been in contact with is her mom, but everything changes on Monday. Her mom, Daisy, disappeares.

Usually, she goes to the store on Wednesdays and is back by 11:00 to teach Caroline. But, she leaves on Monday and is not back at 11:00, or 12:00, or any other time for the rest of that day.

Caroline grows worried as hours stretch into days, and a mysterious figure appears. One day, Caroline hears the thrum of a motor and thinks that her mom had come home. She runs to the window, but the car is not her mom’s, as a middle-aged man steps out, and trouble ensues.

I will not tell you what happened, but it is interesting, involving hunting, a stakeout, and more than a few tricky situations for the young girl.

This is an terrific book, but I wish that we got more follow-up at the end. I want to see what life is like for Caroline after the main plot is over.

Also, I wish that the book was just longer. I liked it so much I wanted more. Tania Unsworth does a great job with descriptions though, and you should definitely read this.

This book has no pictures but is descriptive enough to make a picture in your mind and I’d recommend it for kids aged 9 to 15. This is because the 260 page book can be a hard read if you are too young, but it still will thrill anyone who picks it up.