The Seeds I Sow

Photo Credit: Unknown

Nestled in my palm,
In the intricate folds of my hand lay seeds. Fore these are no ordinary seeds,
Vulgar proportions can these seeds weave,
Ramifications beyond imagine,
Each birthed from the depths of my mind,
Each fabricated to tantalize me in ways only to my own
Each thought in regards to me in terms of hate, pity, loneliness festered
Seeds formed and fed off the depths of my mind
The amplitude of each seed reciprocated the intensity of the thought
Some days the seeds would form rapid fire
Down my brain stem,
They mingled down each groove in my spine,
They frolicked in mockery of myself in a docile manner
An arduous journey till they rest at my feet
In a tranquil state, the seeds commence germination
A supple jade unmasks itself
Augmented, they begin to grow roots
These roots embed themselves into the fertile Earth
Further than a metaphorical sense it grounds me
The foliage begins to deteriorate into gnarled, knotted being
It expands, invading me, rooting me
By the time I look down, the poisons of my mind have sowed and reaped me once again