Walk with the Wild Animals


The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) is a very neat place. It is an amazing opportunity to see animals.  TWAS is not a zoo. The animals here are a wide variety, mainly large cats, bears, and wolves. They also have some other animals like lynx and foxes. They do all sorts of rescues for many animals who shouldn’t be pets. The animals are usually starving or in bad condition when they are rescued.

Many animals pace when they are bored, stressed, or traumatized.  Once brought to health, they will remain in the sanctuary as the animals typically have lost their skills to hunt as a result of being in captivity for most of their lives.

I was fond of the Siberian lynx and African servals.  They are relatively rare species to see. They were were really cool.  The lynx had black tipped ears and a short tail. It was pretty tan colored.  I saw two of the lynx fighting. The serval looks similar to a miniature leopard with orange/tan coloring.

The only bad thing about TWAS is you aren’t very close to the animals.  I recommend bringing binoculars. You watch them from up high on a walkway.  It takes a bit to really walk it because the walkway is long. Take note that there are not many restrooms on the walkway so plan your breaks well. The walkway is up high so that the animals are not stressed.  They don’t consider the walkway to be part of their territory.

There are volunteers, and you can ask them questions about the animals that live there.  There also is a gift shop. The most interesting thing that they had were painted and unpainted ostrich eggs!  

They keep the animals in the park by using used telephone poles and wires.  This creates a fence, and actually there are two layers of fence between the humans and the animals.  

I do recommend visiting but not necessarily for young kids because the animals are farther away.  It may not keep the kid’s attention. TWAS has special events throughout the year to keep them funded since they are a non-profit organization. Check www.wildanimalsanctuary.org for more details about visits and special events.