Inspiring Book Misses the Mark

Front Cover Photo Credit: Amazon website

“Marley Dias Gets it Done: and So Can You!” is a book that is supposed to be inspiring to kids. I did not like it.

I do not know if it was good, and just went over my head, but I thought it was boring.

This book was about Marley Dias, the girl who invented #1000BlackGirlBooks. The book had 11 chapters about various things like her background, her trip to Africa, and the toolkit of an activist.

I was hoping that this would be inspiring, but I have never been into this type of book, and nothing about my life changed from reading it.

I didn’t feel more confident, I didn’t feel “enlightened” I didn’t feel inspired.

I think the most memorable part of the book was the trip to Africa.

A lot of the book though, I do not understand why it was there. I understand a little bit of author background, but that is usually in the author’s notes at the end.

More than a third of this book is just talking about her, her ideals, and her trips or visits to somewhere.

One of the chapters is “How to Read” I’m not in first grade anymore, but I am pretty sure that that is where you learn to read. Not in a book!

Another chapter is about Googling yourself and social media rules that her parents told her. I think that this book is more of a biography than an inspiring story.

This is a 187 page book although it does have pictures of Marley, and Marley visiting people. I think that this book could have been better if there was less about Marley, and more about what she did.

Now don’t take me the wrong way here, I do support Marley’s cause, I am just reporting on what I read. I did not like the book, so I said so.

This is Marley’s first book, and I am not sure but I think the target audience is ages 10 to 80. I think that this was a good idea, and with modifications could turn out very good, things just went the wrong way, in my opinion.