Mile High Flea Market – Fun Family Experience

Photo by Jack Vanourek

On a sunny Sunday in May, I attended the Mile High Flea Market. This is a great place that has everything from toys, to utensils, to statues, to food.  A flea market is essentially a humongous, organized yard sale, where people can buy or rent stalls to sell stuff. I thought of it like an outdoor “everything” store. Everything is less expensive than usual too. It only costs 3 dollars for adults to get in, but kids twelve and under are free!  While there, I had a turkey leg, which was really good, and I saw lots of stuff. I saw stuff like handmade rugs, lawnmowers, bikes, knives, and soccer balls. I even saw fresh produce there. The stalls were organized in a grid, with lettered and numbered streets. Sometimes, though it was hard to tell differences like “1” and “i.”  However, it was very hard to find a map, and the map was only helpful with permanent stalls that have been purchased, like the turkey place.

The flea market is open on weekends and even has an Event Center. The Event Center can be easily mistaken for the Denver airport because of the white cones on top. This place holds activities like live music every Saturday and Sunday, and World Cup watching events. They even have stuff like Teacher Appreciation Day, where you show them your teaching ID on June 23rd and they let you in free. The Mile High Flea Market even has amusement rides and an ATV dealer. The amusement park rides were aimed for kids aged ten and under. They had bumper boats, slides, inflatables, etc. They have restrooms situated throughout the area, and have water fountains too. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and recommend that you go. I had very little money, but I still enjoyed myself. However, you should bring some money because you will see some stuff you like. The market is open 7 am to 5 pm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the year. You can see more information about it at

Photo by Jack Vanourek