The Debate on Sleeping In


The debate on sleeping in: Have you been listening? If so, what’s your opinion?
There’s a lot of debate going on now about whether school days should start later and not so early in the morning. Kids who go to school have to wake up early to catch the bus and often go to bed late, which means they might not be getting the amount of sleep they need. If kids are tired in school, they can’t concentrate properly on their studies. Scientists have proved this. The question is whether morning classes should start later so that kids can sleep a little bit longer and perform better in school.
I hate getting up early in the morning for school. In my opinion, morning classes should start an hour later, no earlier than 8:30, because even though I’m homeschooled, I know how it feels to be woken up early in the morning when I can’t even open my eyes! It can be hard for me to concentrate if I don’t get enough sleep. Kids like me need 9 to 10 hours of sleep, but many of us are not getting that amount because school starts too early!
Of course, it can be argued that school starting an hour later would just encourage kids to go to bed later, and, I admit, I would probably do that if I could get away with it. It really is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their kids get enough sleep, and this raises another problem: if parents don’t get their kids off to school early, before they leave for work, there may not be anyone left at home to make sure they leave for school on time.
By the way, why have we always had to go to school so early? It all started years ago, when most people lived on farms and it was common for kids to wake up at sunrise to feed chickens and milk cows. It’s a different world today; while most adults work in jobs from 9 to 5, kids still go to school at an ungodly hour! There are good reasons to start morning classes later; in some places, it’s already been done. We should do it everywhere.