What is the United Nations Doing About ZOMBIES?

Photo credit: Nandi Strieker

A zombie pandemic is spreading across the world. At an emergency meeting in the U.N. General Assembly, delegates are debating furiously about what can be done to defeat the zombies. Brazil demands that they provide more assistance to developing countries. Russia wants the military involved. North Korea wants to keep healthy people in reverse quarantine. Worldwide, zombies are multiplying, biting people and transmitting the virus, and people are panicking!
Fortunately, this is just a hypothetical case being debated at the Model U.N. at Adams State University in Alamosa. It’s a club for college students, allowing them to play the roles of U.N. delegates dealing with real international problems and gaining experience in global politics, diplomacy, and international law. “I’ve been running this Model U.N. program for 13 years, and I think it really gives young people a chance to understand global issues,” says Professor Mari Centeno, the club’s sponsor, “This one was for fun. But we do tackle the issues that the U.N. is dealing with.”
There are model U.N. clubs around the world, and many clubs travel internationally to debate competitions. The club in Alamosa is planning on going to Scotland next year.
“As a political science major, I intend to pursue politics for a living, and it’s good practice to speak in a secure location as a student,” says Collin Keebler, a delegate of Australia in the Adams State club, “It’s good practice to debate and develop argumentative skills.”
At the club meeting I watched, there were a dozen students participating, each representing a different country. They argued and schemed to make alliances that could address the problem of zombies rampaging across the continents. It was probably not much different from what would actually happen at the United Nations if there was a real zombie apocalypse. Good practice for the real thing!