A Paw-fect Movie


“Show Dogs” is a very good movie, particularly for younger kids.
It’s about a police dog named Max (voiced by Ludacris), who is a Rottweiler, and his human, Frank (played by Will Arnett).
Frank and Max’s relationship is a bit complicated, but they tend to go through a lot of the same stuff in life, so it actually works.
In this story, they are working undercover at a dog show to try and bust animal smugglers who are using the dog show as a cover to smuggle animals such as a panda.
The movie, which is rated PG, takes place in the city of Las Vegas and most of the characters are animals.
It is not a cartoon; they use real animals and voice-over with humans speaking what the animals are thinking and saying.
It has a bit of a weird side. For example, there is a scene where they meet the animal trader, and he gives Frank the opportunity to breed Max with his dog.
There is also a surprise twist at the end which I won’t reveal.
Max makes friends with other dogs, like Sprinkles, his number one fan, who he turns into one of his deputies. Sprinkles is a very excitable small pug.
Phillipe is his other deputy and is a former fashion dog who went rogue one day and bit his owner.
Max also has a pigeon airforce that helps him.
My favorite thing about the characters was the way that Max acts.
At first he is a complete snob and thinks being a show dog is a lot easier than fighting crime on the streets.  You’ll see how his opinion changes as the movie progresses.
My favorite scene from early in the movie is when Max busts Phillipe out of the pound.
I won’t give it away, but they do become good friends.
This movie is meant to be a comedy, and it does a pretty good job.
Some scenes are really funny, but there are several parts that you probably won’t really understand.
There is a little bit of drama in the movie as well.
I’d recommend this movie for ages 6-10. I am 12, and I found the movie to be a bit young for me.