Drifting in the Breeze


“Ahhhhhh!” comes Herber, my pet dog’s voice. We are falling from the sky. I don’t know how we got into that Cloud, but now it doesn’t want us anymore. I am feeling sad because I don’t know if I will ever see my home again. Apparently, I lived in a Cloud. My parents always told me that we just lived. One time I had asked them why we were here and where we actually were. They told me we were here, but that they wouldn’t tell me any more than that, that I would have to find out everything by myself. And that was that.

So back to us rushing through the air. Like my dog, I am scared, though I am only screaming on the inside. I look up. My parents, friends, and other things are close behind us, some things billowing and parachuting out behind them. So far, it is taking what feels like ages to get to the ground. I can almost see the air going whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. I look around to try and get my bearings. I see nothing except for more puffy, white Clouds. I try yelling at a nearby one.

“Hey! Can we get a ride? We need a little help. I mean, we are falling here.” But the Cloud’s answer doesn’t help us whatsoever. It is too late anyway, for by the time he responds, (Clouds are like sloths, they take forever to move or speak) we are feet away, too far away for him to catch us. Herber starts to whine. He paws the air, trying to climb up to where we were before.

Sigh,” groans Herber. “Why are we falling?” My dog looks at me. He can tell that I don’t know the answer to his question.

We have a lot of time before we hit the ground, so I just stare at Herber. He is a big dog, covered in bluish-white fur, as fuzzy as a feather. Actually, all of the dogs that live, or, well, lived, in our town are the same color. Everybody is, but we are all unique. We do not care about how we look, just about our personality. There literally is no one that is the same. One time, I tried walking around to see if anyone looked similar to one another. I couldn’t find anyone.

Soon, I drift off to sleep. I am having a dream that I am Herber. I am looking at me, and I see myself for the first time, for I have never looked in a glass reflector. I see that my hair is tinted blue, and I am wearing a silver shirt and white pants. My hair flows down to my sparkly, shiny, light grey shoes. My hair is wavy. I close my eyes. When I open them again, I am awake. I am me. I am Luna.

We are very close to the ground now. As we near impact, I see that the ground is covered in fresh, white snow. I really hope that the snow catches our fall. Otherwise, us and our belongings will become trash. I don’t think anyone wants that to happen.

We slowly brush the ground, our bodies going back and forth in the breeze, like the hammock at my old house. When I first feel the snow, it is a little chilly, but then it feels normal; like I have lived in it my whole life. I try to move through it, but the snow pile is so thick that I cannot. Someone next to me yells, “Move! You’re blocking my view!”

“Oops… Sorry,” I say back. I am enjoying this new place so much, so I lean back and make a snow angel. The snow is so light and fluffy that I instantaneously sink in. I sit up and find Heber. Together, we go to find my parents. They are talking to their friends.

“Mama, Papa,” I say, “isn’t this so fun?” They slowly nod their heads, like they are keeping something from me. Maybe they know why we are here. I see a bird fly by. I think that he looks cold. He flaps his way to a birdhouse and settles down inside.

Later, I get hungry. I walk up to an area where some food landed. I pick it up. It is a bowl of strawberries. I munch on them while I walk around some more. This world is actually very similar to the Cloud that we were in. Apart from the things that Mama told me were “plants”, there are all of the things in the Cloud that there are here.

I turn around. Suddenly, I see a huge brown and red thing. Oh! It is a house! I didn’t live in one in the Cloud, but richer folks did. I lived in a very large hammock with my parents and dog. We had a good amount of things. All of the essentials. I start to miss my bed and everything else I had. But it is okay because I can find it! I’ll do that later though. Right now I just want to relax, and I don’t need a bed to do that.

I wake up after a long night’s sleep. It has been about a week since that day I fell from the sky, and I am still stuck here. I made friends with someone who was already at this place. We had some fun together, and it took my mind off of my questions. Now I stare at the sky with Heber, who is acting like a lazy kitten. Some of the snow is starting to melt, and the sun is shining through the Clouds. It feels very hot outside, so hot that it seems like I am melting. I look at my hands and see that they are dripping. Sweat is the first thing I think. But I smell it, and it smells like the snow that is almost gone. I pet Heber for comfort but notice that he is also damp. My heart starts to beat faster. I say out loud, “What!?”

“What what,” Heber replies.

“Why is the snow melting, and it just so happens that I am wet? I wiped my hands on my clothes, but that just made it worse!”

“I really don’t know what you should do! I am a dog!” I curl up into a ball and start to cry. My heartbeat speeds up. I pull Heber closer. “I guess this is the end of us,” I say to him. “I love you, Heber.”

I know why I fell from the sky. I blink. I stare at all of the snow next to me. This is my life. I close my eyes. I am me. I am a dying snowflake.


I am back in our Cloud. My parents have told me everything about what happens. I have evaporated, gone through the cycle of a snowflake. Heber still stands at my side, and he talks more than ever. Apparently, he also knew what was happening, but was acting for my sake! I’m not mad at him though. I am not mad at anyone. Actually, I am as happy as can be.