A Flash Back in the Past


“Stuck in the Stone Age” by Geoff Rodkey and illustrated by Hatem Aly is originally about a kid, Tom Edison (not THE Tom Edison) who wants to be a scientist.  However, he is not very good in science. He is so bad that he was getting worse than a D or an F. Her teacher actually created a new grade just for him! He was hired by the CEASE laboratory that he wanted to work in, as a janitor.  The person that hired him told him that he could work his way up the chain, but all of the scientists knew that this is not how the system works.

Dr. Morice is a brilliant scientist who won an award when she was twelve.  She is now working on ways to solve humanity’s energy problems. She is also trying to become friends with her idol, another scientist, Dr. Vasquez.  She ultimately meets Ted when he is cleaning up her space in the lab.

The book refers the Stone Age because they manage to get stuck in a time machine.  They get taken back to 10,00 B.C. and meet Tooka the tiger. A saber-tooth tiger! They also meet Doug and his tribe of cave men.  I won’t tell you what happens, but it involves making new sports and teaching the cave men new skills with some pretty funny events that take place.

This book explores the journey of Ted trying to become a scientist and of Dr. Morice trying to befriend her idol.  The story is like an adventure story with a little bit of humor, however it is primarily a sci-fi book. It is designed for younger kids and thus is not a challenging read and is relatively short.

The book also has a story creation zone.  The book actually teaches you how to make your own story.  Some of the parts include the setting, characters (character creator), problems, types of stories, brainstorming, editing, climax, solving the problem, and finishing the story.  I thought this part was interesting and would definitely help you make your own story, if that is of interest to you.