Mysterious but “Friendly” Book


The Jigsaw Jungle by Kristin Levine is an exciting book. It is a mystery novel, but it is not scary or anything. One word that describes it is puzzling because there are a bunch of mysteries that the main character has to solve, tied into the book. Also, the book is literally about puzzles. This book is the only one in the series, but I think there are still some things to be considered and then recapitulated. Besides that, I think the book was very enticing and absorbing to read.

The book is about twelve-year-old Claudia Dalton, a puzzle fanatic. Her father has disappeared, and she wants to find him. Claudia wants to find him not only to get him back but to find out what has happened to him. Claudia also wants to fix her family, for it was partially torn apart by her father disappearing. She is very determined, though, through difficult situations, to get the information she wants: where is her father and why is he gone?

One day, she gets a puzzle piece in the mail. On the back of it, there is a message from her father, telling Claudia that he has gone to visit an old friend “to think things over”. Reading this, Claudia decides to put a scrapbook together using anything she can find — letters, phone calls, voice memos, receipts, banknotes, postcards, emails, home movies — and describes what is in them, what they say, and everything else about them. Set in her grandfather’s house, the book also takes you to the other places where Claudia tries to finds the pieces of the puzzle of her father.

The Jigsaw Jungle gives a message of being who you are and not hiding from things you are scared of. When you get to the end of the book, you will know what I mean, because there are hidden meanings behind the mysteries in the book.

This was a really well-written book that I could hardly put down. It is a medium length, but I wish that there was more explanation at the end of the book because it kind of wrapped things up too fast. It is a good book for around 10-year-olds because it is pretty easy to read, and not confusing. I really liked it, though, and would recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries.