Black Bears In the Area


I recently saw a black bear while I was driving home from school! The bears are recently out of hibernation and have been spotted by tourists. I learned more about bears at the Rocky Mountain National Park.

There are approximately 24 black bears found in the Park. There is one thing on a bear’s mind and that is food.

An adult bear must gain at least 10,000 calories each day to stay healthy. They do this by eating a lot and hunting.

According to the Park Ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, the State of Colorado has a three strikes and you are out policy for bears.

If one day they find a bear looking for food in a campsite, that is strike one. If they find the bear looking for food in a campsite two more times, it is killed.

Brown bears, otherwise known as Grizzly Bears, were hunted to extinction in the 1890s in the National Park. There are only black bears left and they can be 4 different colors. Brown, blue, black, and blonde.

Blue, can you believe it? Up north in Canada there are bears that have a blue tint in their fur. The seen colors of bear fur in the park are brown, black, and blonde. No blue bears in the park, unfortunately. The park rangers would think that is cool!

These bears live primarily next to Bear Lake, which is a popular hike and tourist destination.

It is our job to take care of the black bears and where they live. It is important to carefully store our food so these wonderful creatures will not be caught looking through our tents or houses for food.