Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park


Sprague Lake Bear LakeAlberta falls

Rocky Mountain National Park is a terrific site and experience. The elevations of the mountain range running through the park are at least 7,530 to 14,259 feet and show glaciers in their icy peaks.

I went on some fun hikes for the family. Alberta Falls is a breathtaking hike and about a mile from the Glacier Gorge trailhead.

There are steep canyons that a loud and foamy waterfall comes down. If you hike higher, it’s worth it. Little waterfalls collide into the giant water fall.

From there, I hiked about a mile from Alberta Falls to Bear Lake. Bear Lake has crystal clear water and I saw some amazing sights, like a site where an old traveler lodge sat, Ute Teepee poles, a 400-year-old tree, and twisty trees with “snow elbow”.

A mother bear with cubs has been seen this year about 3 miles from the lake. I kept an eye out for bears and mountain lions but did not see any. But I did see many different birds and little animals.

I would also recommend Sprague Lake for young hikers. It’s a half mile hike around with scenic mountain views. There are small lagoons which are good to fish in.

Little trout and tadpoles play in the shallow waters. And ducklings with their mothers are busy swimming across the lake and looking for fish.

While you try to catch a fish, you can look at the scenery of the glaciers and Rocky Mountains.

These spots were named after Abner Sprague, who was one of the first pioneers to ever settle in the Rocky Mountains in 1860s. He named Alberta Falls after his wife, Andrew Glacier after his brother in law, and Sprague lake after himself where he built a lodge for guests.

These are amazing hikes where you can see different wild animals and enjoy a beautiful view of the snowcapped Longs Peak.

There are more hikes, but these are some of the most popular, wonderful, and accessible destinations in Rocky Mountain National Park.