A good mystery


You might not like basketball, but if you like mysteries, then “The Zach & Zoe Mysteries The  Half-Court Hero” by Mike Lupica may be the book for you! Mike Lupica is a sports columnist for the New York’s Daily News.

This book is about eight year old twins, Zach and  Zoe who love any type of sport. In this book, Zach and Zoe signed up for a basketball tournament at Wesley Park. Zach & Zoe’s dad and their Grandpa both loved basketball when they were younger, that is why their dad coaches Zach and Zoe’s basketball team.

The Grandpa always jokes about how basketball makes him feel young.  The mystery in this book is… someone is making the basketball court all neat and updated. First the benches, then the nets, finally a shiny lightning bolt in the middle of the court! Who is doing this?

The twins are determined to catch the do gooder by following clues. Zach sometimes calls Zoe’s ideas crazy, but they are very good.  The brother and sister are very supportive of each other. Although I don’t like basketball, I did like the mystery part of this book.

There are a lot of basketball words in this book, so if you don’t know basketball, it would be kind of hard for you to follow. This is one of reasons I didn’t like the book: I don’t know much about basketball.

This book is a part of a sport/mystery series about Zach & Zoe, and there are books about football and baseball, too!  This series is good for ages kids aged 6-9 years.