School of Rock With a New Twist


School of Rock the musical, now playing in Denver, is just one of many adaptations of the movie made in 2003, but there was a new twist to this one. During the performance, all the kids played the instruments live, so on top of having to learn all their lines they had to play an instrument. In the musical, there are all the original songs from the movie, and even some new ones by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Even if you’re not a fan of musicals you’ll like this one because of the upbeat music, for the story, and comedy worked in throughout.  

During the musical Dewey Finn(Rob Colleti) decides to go to his roommates substitute teaching job at Fores Green, even though he has no idea how to be a teacher, that will pay $950 a week which he needs since he was kicked out of his band and is late for rent. When he comes to school on the second day he hears his class in music, and what do you know they’re really good. Since the battle of the bands is coming up he decides to start teaching the class how to rock, so instead of the usual social studies, math, and reading he starts teaching them rock history, how to play bass and electric guitar, and has them practice for the battle of the bands.

The musical also showed some things that kids these days actually have to go through with their parents. For example, Tomika(Gianna Harris) just came to Fores Green and is having to try and make new friends. One of the kids wants to be a fashion designer, but his dad wants him to play football and forces him to watch sports. Another one of the kids complains that his dad is always working and that he doesn’t really understand him. In general, the whole class agrees that their parents force them to do things they don’t want to do and that they aren’t allowed to do what they really want to. All of these problems were put together very well in the song “Stick It To Da Man” in which Dewey explains “the man” is their parents and the principal.

Overall, this new musical based on the movie school of rock was funny, energetic, and had some great music. Even though I’m usually not one for musicals this was one that even I thought was great. It was also amazing that all the kids played the instruments, and that it wasn’t just a recording. Although, this musical might not be suitable for younger kids because of the language. The play is in Denver until June 10th, so if you want to go make sure to tell your parents now.