Taylor Swift Earned a ‘Big Reputation’ in Denver


Taylor Swift’s newest album, Reputation, was a bestseller immediately after its global release. Like with her other albums, Swift went on tour with Reputation. One stop on the tour was Denver.

This is not Swift’s first visit to Colorado. She told the audience her first concert was actually in the Centennial State. This was her 14th concert in Colorado and 1st stadium concert in our state, in the Broncos’ home stadium, Sports Authority Field.

Swift’s four hour concert started with opening acts by Charli XCX and Camila Cabello. After their performances there was a half hour intermission. During the intermission, the crew showed a lot of clips with Taylor and her fans, including one where fans in London and Los Angeles got to meet Swift and listen to her album Reputation weeks before its international release. This got the crowd excited before the main act started.

Swift had the most outstanding performance of the night, although both Charli XCX and Camila Cabello did not disappoint. One of the best parts was the fans. It’s no wonder Swift has visited Colorado so many times. Her support here is, as Swift said herself, “Beyond expectations.” She said it was her best concert in Colorado yet.

Without a doubt, Swift was amazing. She not only performed almost all songs in Reputation, but songs in other albums such as Bad Blood and Blank Space from her album 1989. This shows Swift’s fans still love any song, old or new.

Some of the things during the concert that stood out was the fact there was just so much. Fireworks went off constantly through the sky. There was even a part where Swift was in a cage up in the sky. And the bracelets. You can’t forget the bracelets. Each fan grabbed one before the main act, and once Taylor got on the stage, the bracelets lit up in sync with the music. In fact, the bracelets are still flickering to this day

One thing I would like to note is Swift’s fan base. It lacks diversity. I know you can’t choose your fans, but it was strange to see a heavy majority of white people watching the same concert. On the other hand, Swift hired a diverse crew of dancers and singers. It was hard to see a song go by without a black dancer or singer on the stage.