The Girl Of The Alamo: Chapter 1


My earliest memory is sitting next to the fire with my doll while mama did her sewing. I must have been about two years old because one minute mama had been there and then she was gone. That’s when I started to ball up and cry while the fire raged next to me. Ten minute later mama came back and looked at me like I was crazy and should be sent to the rumored asylums. Then papa came in and they wrapped me in a big hug.  I guess from that point on I thought I would get a happy ending and go off to live in a palace.

My name is Alice Smith and I lived with my husband, a brave fighter, at the Alamo in the Texas Territory in San Antonio, Mexico. Right now we are in the midst of a revolution and many battles have hit towns resisting Mexicos control. After the war started there was a lack of staff at the Alamo, so with my husband being there all the time I decided I would help with the cleaning and cooking. Most of the time it is like being stuck in a prison because we cannot buy much food now and our budget is very low. My quarters of the Alamo are very small and cramped.

My parents are gone and I am all alone besides my husband, however he is gone so often that I am alone a lot of the time. I was born an only child and it stayed that way my whole life. When I lost my parents I was truly all alone, and that was the sad truth of it all.

It was a crisp and sunny fall day in September. I had gone to the river to get some water for dinner* that night, but as lots of ten year olds I got carried away in my imagination and started to play in the water. The whole way home I had skipped and sung a song about spring. When I got home I saw something that no ten year old should ever have to see. When I walked in the door I saw mama and papa laying on the floor with blood spurting from their chests. As I sat down next to mama who appeared to be breathing she said “Save yourself and run”. I took those words of advice and however bad it felt I left. Mamas name was Mabel she was sweet, kind, and loving. Papas name was James he was outgoing, witty, and so kind. That day as I ran from the only home and only parents I had ever known I started to sob and I just couldn’t stop. Its as like they had been saved up my whole life and now the gates were open for them to gush out. That day I ended up at the Alamo which was already occupied with resistance forces and thats where I am today.


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