Calling All Minds, Think Like an Inventor


“Calling All minds, How to Think and Create Like an Inventor” by Temple Grandin is a whole lot more than a how-to book.

“Calling All Minds” is a non-fiction book that combines history and how-to projects that will make you think. Grandin talks about the science behind the inventions we use every day and answers questions you’ve always wanted to know. Including, Why do Golf Balls have Dimples? Or why is your computer keyboard not in alphabetical order? The book includes 25 projects kids can do to get their mind thinking like an inventor. Some examples of the projects are, Water bombs and Puppet Theater! She also weaved in her own personal stories of her life as an inventor, Scientist, and visual thinker. The book is broken up into 5 main chapters; Made of Paper, Levers, and Pulleys, Made of Wood, Things that Fly, and Optical Illusions. Each chapter has its own five projects with a background story for each. One of the many things she addresses in her book is patents. Grandin talks about making her own patent and blueprint for her Squeeze Machine. A machine that would help calm her during panic attacks. This machine has beenĀ used in an agriculture as well as inĀ autism therapy.
Temple Grandin is famous for her research in livestock and invention of the Squeeze Machine. She teaches and works at Colorado State University as a professor and has a Ph.D. in animals science. Grandin was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most inflectional people. She is the author of fourteen books including bestsellers; Thinking in Pictures and Animals in Translation. Many of her book deal with her journey with autism and science behind many things. This book was easy to follow even when it got a little technical. The stories and directions were straightforward and many of the project steps had pictures to go along. I would recommend this book for 11+ because many of the projects are more on the difficult side. This book was very good and insightful for all!