The Girl of The Alamo: Chapter 2


I woke up very early on the morning of February 20th, because of the cold drafts coming through my room. Surprisingly I was even up before my husband, the great general, Davy Crockett.  As I made my way to the kitchen I overheard General Bowie talking to some other men saying “ We have very limited amounts of food and supplies right now, and if the Mexicans come we will surely be defeated. I think that we should evacuate,”. After he said that all the men said, “We have to fight and not be cowards”. I kept walking to the kitchen since I had to start preparing breakfast for the soldiers.

As I walked into the kitchen I saw Susan, a fellow maid, and helper, sitting in one of the chairs crying. “Why are you crying?” I asked her since this seemed unusual.

“ I received a letter last night from James Fannin saying that my son was killed during the recent battle,” she responded. Immediately my heart felt sad and broken for I had grown up with Tim, Susan’s son, and he and I were very good friends.

Breakfast that morning seemed to take ages to make because of the dark, gloomy, sadness hanging over the room. I started out by looking in cupboards to see what food was left, and the only food there was half a loaf of bread, apples, and the ingredients to make hoecakes. Somehow the food int he cupboards was supposed to last us three more days while we waited for a shipment to be delivered. As I brought the food into what the men called the dining room I heard the sudden clatter of men yelling at each other.

After I was done cleaning the kitchen I went to attend to my other chores. Laundry, was my least favorite piece of the day because all the men were slobs. Then I was off to scrubbing the floor that seemed to pick up more and more dirt every day. After that, I headed down to the San Antonio River to fetch water for who knows what, and there was still more work to be done. Then all the rugs had to be cleaned one by one, I think somebody should invent a device that rolls over them in order to make them clean. Finally, all my chores were done, so I went back to my room and put on the satin blue nightgown Mama used to wear, it was the only thing that I had left from her. As I put my head on the pillow to rest I thought about what would happen if the Mexicans truly did invade the Alamo?