A must read book


My favorite book series right now is The Treehouse Book Series and the book I am reviewing is “The 78 Story Treehouse” by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.

There are eight books in its series: The 13 Story treehouse, The 26 story Treehouse,The 39 story Treehouse,The 52 story Treehouse,The 65 story Treehouse, The  78 story Treehouse, The 91 story Treehouse, and the 104 Story Treehouse.

I fell in love with this series because I think it’s really cool to live in a treehouse that has lots of levels to have fun on. Also, I like the characters, Andy, Terry, Mr.Big Nose, and Jill, their neighbor. Jill loves animals.

Andy and Terry love to write books. As well as loving the words,  I also love the illustrations. Andy writes the words and Terry draws the pictures. Mr. Big Nose is their book publisher.

In this book, Andy and Terry are making a movie. Andy tries to warn Terry, Jill and the movie director that spy cows are trying to steal there movie and make it into their own, but they don’t listen.

Andy says that there’s a spy cow on every  page and if you look there really is a spy cow on every page! Finding the cow is just one of the silly, fun things about this book.

I think that this book is funny because the treehouse levels are so cool! For example, it’s got a drive-through car wash ( that you can drive through with the windows down and the roof up).

Another level is a chainsaw juggling level. There is also a scribbletorium, where you can scribble all day long all over the walls.

This book series is a bestseller on the New York Times. I have read every book in this series, up to “The 78 Story TreeHouse,” and this book was just as funny and entertaining as the rest of the series.  

This book series is for kids and adults who like to be surprised and have fun.