Mesa Verde and The Four Corners

This is the Spruce Tree House in Mesa Verde. It was unfortunately closed off (and it had been since October, 2015."

Mesa Verde is a National Park in the top left of Colorado. Here is the reserved work of Ancestral Pueblo Native Americans. The homes that they built out of raw materials and the key shaped worshiping places are captivating, the advancement from pit houses to adobe aprtments intresting, and the fact that it was all preserved through more than 1,000 years is surprising.

Even though it is in the same state, it is a seven to nine hour drive to Mesa Verde National Park from Denver. It is a very hard to get to place.

Mancos and Cortez are the nearest cities to Mesa Verde.

Inside the park there are many places were Native Americans had settled. Some of the most popular are The Spruce Tree House and Cliff Palace. The Spruce Tree House is currently not open to the public except from viewpoints because of rockfall. It has been this way for 3 years in counting. The Cliff Palace is a place that is open to the public and still is now, but tours are necessary to those who would like to see the wonders of The Ancestral Puebloans.

There is also a museum focusing on the ways of the Native Americans who lived there. Inside there are spearheads, pots, jewelry, etc.

Near Mesa Verde is the four corners monument, where many Natives from different tribes get together to sell the goods that they have made. This place to, is in the middle of the desert and very difficult to get to.

The four corners is the four corners of different states (Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado).

Other than that, there are some food stands around that sell tacos, fried bread, water, and other things like that.

Even though these places are pretty difficult to get to, the fascinating works of Native Americans make up for it.