Hopeful Bookish Girl


“Forever-boys are much, much better in real life” Bookish Boyfriend is written by Tiffany Schmidt and is based around a 15 year old girl by the name of Merrilee Campbell. A bookish girl that just wants a decent real romance story to come to life Merrilee believes that chivalry; or the act of quality characteristics toward women by men, is practically dead. When this bookish teen is sent to Reginald R. Hero Prep School with her younger sister, Rory, and best friend, Eliza, she finds that this school may be extremely different than her old school. And chivalry may not be exactly dead. Through her adventures through her daily routine that include stopping to read every few minutes, to her complaints on how she wished her school could be, to finally her time at her new transfer school where she may find many things that were not common in her old school. And who knows, if she’s hopeful enough she might find the person of her dreams that is just out of her perfect romance story. Tiffany Schmidt’s new “Bookish Boyfriend” book was excellently written, it really made me feel like I was there in the book and I hope it would do the same for other readers. I feel like this book was a little young for me at the same time though, I think that being an almost 8th grader this book would be better for 10-11 year olds or maybe even 13 year olds. Though this is just my opinion and it is definitely a good read that I would recommend to any age for just a fun read or a complex read depending on your age and your reading level. Overall I really enjoyed this book even though it was not a very challenging read for me and maybe my age group and I wouldn’t exactly recommend it for other readers my age or level. Never the less though it was a good read and I would love to see more books that are like it.