The Girl of The Alamo: Chapter 3


Waking up always felt like a drag,  but this morning, February 23, it was entirely different and felt even more difficult to wake up. When I rolled out of bed the clock said it was 4:30 am. “Darn it,” I said a little too loud since I had overslept by half an hour. As I looked at my list of chores for the day, that had been posted by General Bowie. I realized I had a handful to get done, but something just didn’t feel right. Half an hour later I heard a clack and then a loud pounding of hoofs presumably from horses. I started to wonder what’s going on? Were they truly right that the Spanish were coming for us? Immediately I followed my gut feeling and ran to the horses. I hoped on the most resilient one, Gus, and went around the building. As soon as I came into eyesight of the front entrance all I saw were men lying on the ground moaning and saying save yourself. I started yelling to them “No, I’m staying put with all of you,” and then everything went dark.