The Unicorn Quest


“The Unicorn Quest” written by Kamilla Benko follows the story of a girl by the name of Claire. Claire has been paranoid since her older sister, Sophie, was previously sick from an unnamed illness. So, when the family moves into Great Aunt Diana’s house, Claire is worried about her sister’s health and the adventures they might go on. The girls discover a ladder in their aunt’s fireplace, and Sophie wants to climb it, and she persuades Claire to follow her.
Claire is an artist, particularly a pencil artist. She always has a pencil tucked behind her ear. Claire’s art helps her feel less stressed keeps her from worrying too much. Her physical features include dark wild hair and brown eyes. Claire’s parents don’t know much of her worrying, only that she constantly thinks about her sister.
This book is a roller coaster of adventure, sure to keep you on your toes. However exciting it may be, the plot is kind of hard to follow and transitions from one part to the next are not well written. I would suggest this book to kids in third grade and up. There is slight violence and danger, but overall, a good read.