Grand Tetons


Grand Tetons National Park is really beautiful and located north of Jackson, Wyoming.  It is believed glaciers formed the majestic peaks over 650,000 years.  One of the largest lakes in the park is glacier carved and called Jackson Lake.  It is really pretty, with the snowcapped jagged peaks of the Grand Tetons in the background.  Jackson lake is very clear because it is made from runoff from a melted glacier.  It is fun to kayak and paddleboard in the lake.  The fishing is really good too and you can see schools of minnows in the crystal clear water.

Mt. Moran and Jackson Lake

I went on a 3 mile hike around Swan and Heron lake next to Taylor Reservoir and saw great views of beavers, swans, and geese.  The lakes were full of lily pads!

Swan Lake

There are also fun hikes around Jenny Lake that reveal more of the Grand Tetons.  I started at Leigh Lake and hiked a couple of miles and ended at Jenny Lake.  We had heard there was a mother bear and cubs seen in the area and found a cub pawprint in the mud, but did not see any bears.

Jenny Lake hike

The last place we visited was Colter Bay Visitor Center.  It is a great learning experience.  You can get a Junior Ranger booklet and badge there too.  There is a native American art exhibit and horns from moose, bison, elk, big horned sheep, and antelope.  There are stores you can drive to and pick up ice cream and wood for a campfire.

Grand Tetons is a wonderful experience and I look forward to visiting again!


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