I’m reviewing three DIG IT! DINOS kits – T. Rex Egg, Tyrannosaurus  Rex, and T.Rex Tooth. I recommend them. On Amazon they are $12.95 each.

The dino kits are a fun toy where you can chisel, hammer, scratch and soften plaster to dig dinosaur teeth, skeletons and babies out! It’s like you are a real archaeologist!

It’s a little bit messy, but with a few layers of newspaper, it’s ok.  I prefered to do it outside, because the plaster went everywhere.  Your tools will be a hammer and a chisel for the T. Rex Egg and the T.Rex Tooth kits. There is a scratcher tool at the end of the hammer. I wish these kits came with a brush, so I could brush away the plaster. I ended up making a brush out of paper towel when I used these kits. The Tyrannosaurus Rex kit,however, did come with a brush.  Each kit took about an hour to do.

I loved digging for each item, because I couldn’t wait to see what it was!

The T. Rex Egg and T. Rex Tooth kits, I could dig the tooth and the baby dino completely out of the plaster that they came in and hold them in my hand. One difference with  the Tyrannosaurus Rex kit, is that it stays in the plaster it came in, which is a rectangle. I could not dig the skeleton T. Rex out. The tooth was also a rectangle shape, but you could dig the whole thing out. The T. Rex Egg kit came as an egg shape.

These kits are reocmmended for ages 7 and up.  My brother is 4 years old and he did the Tyrannosaurus Rex with me and he was smiling the whole time. He liked to hammer and scratch the plaster. Most of all, he enjoyed brushing the plaster away and seeing the T. Rex skeleton appear slowly.

I recommend all three kits because it’s worth your money and even though it takes an hour, every second I had a smile on my face!