2018 Cherry Creek Arts Festival


The 2018 annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival took place from Friday July 6th – Sunday July 8th.  This festival is on the streets just outside of the Denver Cherry Creek North shopping district, and I attended on Friday morning right after it opened.  Many of the shops that are open all year round remain open during the festival even though the streets in front of them are filled up with booths from the art vendors.   

This festival is pretty big.  There are vendors that come from all around the US and other countries.  I even met some vendors that came from Norway and the Czech Republic. I noticed a lot of vendors from Texas and many from right here in Colorado.

There are a lot of different types of arts to see.  There were mixed media arts which is basically some unique works because each has different ingredients. For example, sculptures made out of potatoes and wax.  There also was drawing and sketching, painting, sculpture, and photography.

In addition to art, there is a food section with a lot of options.  Greek food (including gyros), Asian food (including dumplings), Italian food, and of course the common turkey legs and other foods that you’d expect at a carnival.  The food ranged in price from decent to rather expensive.

You could find art at a variety of price ranges. For example, in the photography booth they had little pictures in the $25 range up to really large art work in the hundreds of dollars.

The crowds were pretty big so I recommend staying close to your guardian when you go.  There were mostly adults attending, but there were some groups of summer school groups of kids with their school shirts on going around looking at the art work.  There were also students from the school of art investors that were given a sum of money to spend. It was interesting to watch them look at things to decide what to spend their money on.

The wackiest things I saw was this lady making miniature books and each of the little books were priced at about at about $25 and they were meant to be little pocket sized memory books.  They must have been really hard to make because some of her tiny items came at a big price tag (for me at least)! Of course the potato and wax sculpture was different too.

I definitely recommend this festival.  Particularly for people that don’t mind being in the sun as you are in the sun for a long time.  Liking artwork is also a plus!