Skyscraper both Thrills and Baffles


Dwayne Johnson is known for high action films with a lot of suspense. Skyscraper is a the latest example of these films. In this film, Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson), an ex FBI agent was called to Hong Kong to inspect the largest building in the world, The Pearl. He was to survey the upper residential area for malfunctions in the safety and security systems. His wife, Sarah, and twin children, Henry and Georgia, had moved into the upper half of the building as test residents to live there before it could be opened to the public. Zhao Long Ji, the creator of the building, had a complication in the construction of The Pearl, Kores Botha, his business partner. Botha threatened to thieve a prized possession of Zhao’s. In order to do so, Kores set a fire in the middle of the building, trapping Zhao, but also, Sawyer’s family inside.

Overall, this film was thrilling, suspenseful and diverting. However, it had a definite line between scenes that were electrifying and scenes that had serious plot holes or ridiculous set-ups. One woman in the theater would burst out laughing any time one of these scenes came on screen. Once you get over how implausible this movie was, it was filled with anticipation and action. For example, the main complication begins about half an hour into the 103 minute movie, so the majority of this movie was non stop action.

People with acrophobia, fear of heights, should not consider seeing this movie because it includes scenes where Will is dangling from structures hundreds of feet above the ground. People who are looking for a fun thriller movie will find a great distraction. However,  people who are unable to look past several ridiculously conjured scenes might be better off seeing another film. This movie has a rating of PG-13 for violence and language which I agree with, but I think a 12 year old would be fine with it. This movie also had mild humor which made the film more enjoyable. This would be a fun experience for people who want to see a mindless yet action-packed film.