Novel Hooks Readers

Front Cover Photo Credit: Amazon Website

“Surface Tension” by Mike Mullin, is an exciting novel about a boy who gets caught up in the middle of an act of terrorism.  The only person who believes that he is innocent and mentally stable is his rich girlfriend Laurissa. Jake is a 15 year old bike racer with a low income family. He is practicing for his next race at his normal loop, which is pretty secluded. When he enters the loop the first time, there are 4 black tanker trucks, which was odd because he rarely saw any cars on this road by the airport, and never saw any trucks. He kept biking. The second time around, there were ten tanker trucks. He kept biking. But the third time was when disaster struck. There were sixteen identical black tanker trucks, and they all had a line going through the middle lengthwise. As he biked between them, the backs opened up and released a gas. He falls unconscious.

He wakes up in the cabin of one of the trucks on a highway. He hears the driver and the passenger talking about what to do with him. When they see that he is awake, the man nearest him asks the other if they should gut him. After hearing this, he throws a wild punch, misses, and then gets his head slammed into the window. The men think that he is passed out so when they pass a police car and slow to merge lanes, they don’t expect anything. While in sight of the cop, he opens the door and barely clears the k-rail then passed out again. I will not tell you what happens next, but it involves two murderous firemen, breaking OUT of a hospital via a 4th floor window, and the Feds.

I think that this book would be best for ages 12 and up because it is violent, and younger kids might not enjoy or understand the book. It is a very interesting book that keeps you hooked. This is a book that I recommend you read.