Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park mostly in Wyoming, is an amazing sight for tourists and just regular people. With over 3,400 square miles to explore, the sights there range from thermal pools and geysers such as Old Faithful, to bison and elk roaming around the range.

Yellowstone is a very amazing place to see if you are planing on checking out Wyoming, and since it is a national park, if you have a parks pass, you can get in free, but if not it costs around $30 to get into the park, but I honestly think it is definitely worth it. Yellowstone is not just for adults, put people of all ages can enjoy the park.

The thermal pools might be my favorite of all the sights and they could be yours too. But be sure to follow the rules such as stay on the boardwalk at all times and don’t bring dogs, for the risk of them falling in and melting. (You wouldn’t want that to happen! Yikes!) If you follow those rules, you should be fine. Another amazing sight is all the wildlife you can see while you are there. When my family was there, I spotted a bison behind a tree and my dad kept circling around so we could pull over and take pictures. After a while, we realized we didn’t have to do that because about ten minutes later, we came across this HUGE herd of bison (over 150) in the grass, baby bison and all! Some were even crossing the road right in front of us because they believed that the grass was greener on the other side. There was a huge halt in traffic at that spot, and we figured that we didn’t need to keep turning around to see one bison. While the bison and the other animals you can see there are very amazing, you need to be careful and not go try to pet them because it is very dangerous (also because it is a rule) and one time a woman got badly injured by one charging at her.

Anyways, if you follow the rules there and enjoy all the amazing sights, Yellowstone is a place I loved, I’m sure you’ll love, and definitely a place I want to visit again.


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