A Blast From the Past in Denver

Photo by Haley Hilderbrant

Currently, we have not developed technology to time-travel. Looking at a picture someone took is still never as good as actually being there. We can’t live in any other time period than the one we’re presently living in. Yet, what if you heard that at a small shop in Denver, you’ll feel like you have just stepped into the 1980’s.

This shop, called Fifty-Two 80’s, is so much more that you’d expect from any business of its kind. Located at 1874 S. Broadway in Denver, this store is unique because of its large collection of pop culture items from the 1980’s. It contains everything from vintage Denver Broncos gear and “rad” t-shirts to Barbie dolls and Star Wars action figures.

When you walk in the store, you’ll notice that the walls are filled floor to ceiling with collectibles, antiques, and memorabilia. You’ll hear popular 80’s hits in the background, and will be able to see more items than you can count! The items Fifty-Two 80’s purchase are mostly bought online, but depending on what it is and its current condition, the store is willing to buy your objects from the decade too!

Anyone who finds 80’s pop culture and antiques appealing will find interest in something here. Those who never got to live in the decade will enjoy visiting Fifty-Two 80’s and getting a chance to experience what life was like during the time period. Those who loved living in the 80’s will enjoy getting a chance to reflect on all the great memories they had during the time. Unlike most stores, even if you don’t come to buy something from the shop, you’ll still receive the wonderful gift of a memory.

It would be hard to find another place that makes you feel like you are actually living in this time period when you walk in. The new addition to Denver has changed lives of 80’s collectors and fans alike, and could change how you think of the decade too.

This would be a great place to take your family to make new memories together with the fun ‘blast from the past’ theme this store has. Plus, adults will enjoy showing their kids what they loved about growing up in the 80’s. Fifty-Two 80’s is also an interactive way to learn about the history of other time periods and how they differ from life today.

Visiting Fifty-Two 80’s is a great experience and is a must see for all 1980’s fans looking for a radical experience where they can learn about pop culture from the time period. For more information, visit the80sareawesome.com.