Backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park


Have you ever wanted to see stunning views of the Rocky Mountains or stumble upon exotic wildlife? Then all you need to do is drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park to see many awe-inspiring phenomena’s. I spent 4 days and three nights backpacking there this summer. Backpacking is no easy task, you have to carry everything you will need on just your back. You have to make sure that you have a good backpack that fits, or you will be tired and uncomfortable for the whole trip. From the tent and sleeping bag to the food and water even leaving behind one thing could leave you in trouble. In Rocky Mountain National Park you can hike up Longs Peak to see jaw dropping views of western Colorado. There are many campsites around the park, perfect for if you want to camp out under the stars. Up in Rocky Mountain National Park the weather can change quickly so make sure you’re prepared, there is still snow on the mountains and our tent flooded after a torrential rainstorm. Also make sure you pack enough warm clothes that you do not freeze to death at night when the temperatures drop to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. When you are out in a national Park make sure that you give the animals space, so they do not feel threatened and attack you. Lastly you need to make sure that you are drinking safe water, and if it is not clean put a water purification tablet in. You can have loads of fun in Rocky Mountain National Park backpacking if you do it properly.