Hummingbirds have captured the imagination of people for as long as we have known about them. According to the website,, there are 11 hummingbird species in Colorado, which migrate between late April and early September. Some people believe that hummingbirds are bringers of good luck. A home in Littleton recently discovered one of these beauties of nature in their front yard. Perched upon a pine branch only five feet off the ground and near the lucky family’s front door, sat a miniature nest containing a pocket-sized hummingbird. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the nest was made from a hallowed out pinecone; the bird had a plain feathered head and an emerald tail. According to, this indicates the bird is a female Broad-tailed Hummingbird. The family is awaiting a few little Broad-tailed Hummingbird chicks any day now!