The Drive for a Dachshund

Our dachshund Sully.

It was five o’clock in the morning and my dad, my grandpa, my sister Sophie, and me were up and getting into the car to drive to the McDonald’s in Lamar, Colorado. Now, Lamar is a long way away from Denver for a McDonald’s. But we were going to get something I had never had before. No, not a Big Mac. A dachshund puppy! Why would we get a puppy at a fast food chain? The dog breeder’s ranch was all the way in Walsh, Colorado (near the Kansas border), so she agreed to meet us in a town closer to Denver.

Dachshunds, more commonly known as “wiener dogs,” are such a wonderful dog breed because of their loyalty and playfulness. Our 12 week old dachshund, Sully loves to snuggle and hang out with his family. He is so playful and full of energy. Many don’t know that dachshunds are hunting dogs with a “keen nose” giving them “advantage … for trailing” (AKC website). Dachshunds were originally bred to “hunt badgers” (Dachshund Club of America website).

Dachshunds come with a variety of coat types like the piebald (which is what our dachshund is), the dapple, or a brindle. They can come in smooth coats, which means they have short, smooth hair, and don’t shed very much, or longhairs, which have long hair and they tend to shed more than other types of dachshunds. Wirehair dachshunds have a muscular build and a rough layer of hair. Dachshunds come in a variety of coat colors, such as red, white, cream, black, and chocolate colors. 

Many kids beg their parents to get them a dog. They say no because of the complications it could cause in their schedule. My family is busy: both of my parents work, my oldest sister is in college, and of course, my other sister and I have to be gone seven hours a day for school. A dachshund is the perfect dog for us because he is easy to take care of but gives us so much love.