11 things in the hall of fame


First when we visited the school we saw the hall of fame and did you know that they have 11 trophies in the hall of fame. Then we went and saw the cool work out room and saw 15 different kinds of weights. Then when we saw different kinds of machines we wanted to play on them. So we got to play on one of the machines that you had to pull back on to use. We heard about the climbing wall and I had a question “how many people want to climb the climbing wall a day?” so they said about 12 people in a day.After when we walk out of the gym we all went to the elevator, there was only one elevator in the whole school.When we went to the science lab we saw a $30k treadmill in the room. it was so cool.When we were walking back to go to the bath room we saw…a swimming pool!Then when we look at it,it had no water ”sad”.After that we walked to the Admin building to write thisĀ  story!!!!!!!