Senior Importance

Students brainstorming adjectives to describe Elders.


Seniors are an important part of the past. They have worked as hard as you have, and possibly harder.  They still are an important today.  Some of them still do work.  The world wouldn’t get as far if we did not have them.  Just because they do not have a good memory as others or walk a little slower means nothing. They can still be important in their lives. You will be just as old as them, or older. So why would someone be rude to them when you are going to be the same way.

They are important to everybody, because nobody would be alive if they were not.  We could not be in any building if the elders had not made it first. They have deserved the lives that they get now, and some of them deserve a better life then they have now. It confuses me why anyone would offend someone so important. The places that they live in are just as much of a problem as the houses that everyone else lives. Nobody can blame problems that everyone would have without elders.

That is very unfair. We are creating conflict when we should not be, and that is affecting Seniors when we do not need to. When I am older I do not want to be treated badly when I do not deserve to be. They do not deserve that either.  It is important to be happy with the work that they have done.  Instead, people are teasing them because they are slower and do not have as good of a memory as them. Here is a good question, who cares? They are still productive people.

The elders never should be teased. They have fought wars that many people would be afraid to fight, they have helped figure out the conflicts in the world, just as we should do today. They are our family members, and they can help the world. And even if they are not working they already have worked enough. The good things about grandparents way outnumber the bad things. They still deserve our respect.