photo by: izel Gomez Martinez

People in the U.S.A treat some seniors disrespectfully and rudely because they think that is ok to treat theme rudely. Also or community are sometimes scared of the elderly because they move slower and at a different pace than other people. Changing the ways we talk to older people could also make them feel different. If people think that older people are rude mean and strict, that might just be how it was growing up for the elder. ¬†And just because elder people might look different for example they might have gray hair or wrinkly skin it is not ok to treat them differently. Remember treat people how you want to be treated. Sometimes older people are completely ignored or taken for advantage. If you talk about the elderly rudely, how do you think that makes them feel? The elderly should never feel bad about themselves because they were here before us and they helped us out a lot. Remember you’re going to become an older person in life so if you treat older people badly now you might get treated the same way. Think about what your going to say and how it affects our seniors. We need to start treating older people differently and better.