Did you know that from Earth it takes 300 days to get to Mars? The four challenges you see below are what our group had to do to understand how astronauts feel in outer space. And another cool fact is that Mars in named after the roman god of war.

Station 1 – Navigation with mouse:::::::In the navigation challenge we used the remote controlled mice and coding. And just to have to navigate there is challenging, but having to navigate while being on mars is much more difficult. When you are in your hometown you know where everything is, but on mars you do not know where anything is. There could be a dust storm a few feet away. The terrain on mars is almost impossible to see past, it is really tall because of all the dust storms blowing it up.. In real life the astronauts have to know there challenges  before arriving on mars surface. So in both the demonstration and in real life to get around challenging obstacles is difficult but it is not impossible.

Station 2 – Communicating to dock the shuttle : The second challenge was a much more challenging  than the first. It was hard to communicate with their commander. It was difficult because you had to do different things to answer the question. The other difficult thing was that the answers always changed and you could not always get them fast enough to dock at the satellite. For astronauts the challenge is that the commander is on earth and you are in space, the challenge is hearing the commander. In the activity the commander was under a lot of pressure. And when the astronaut has to dock the rocket they have to dock the rocket to make sure nothing important gets lost in space.

Station 3 – Gathering all the pieces of the solar panel and fitting it together… This was a challenge in which we had to gather all the correct pieces for each solar panel.If the solar panel breaks we won’t have energy.   Once we gathered all of the particular pieces we connected them which was a challenge for many reasons.The first one being the fact that we were wearing space suits. This was a problem because the suits were a thick material, making it hard to pick up and place objects. The second reason is that all the pieces looked so similar, so it was confusing to see where each piece was supposed to go.

Station 4 – Building pipes for sending oxygen through::::: The final challenge was to build pipes to send oxygen through. In the challenge, we screwed in pictures of pipes on thin blocks onto a board with holes in it.  It was challenging because there was a time constraint and we weren’t allowed to screw the bolts in too tight or too loose. Another challenge we faced, was that the thin blocks were built in different shapes, but there weren’t always the blocks we wanted available. This challenge was definitely tougher than I imagined.

The challenges were very difficult. However, it is a lot more difficult for astronauts to be in space. And it was a very cool experience to be doing these activities.

satilite around mars