Mission To Mars


Is colonizing mars possible i think it is but it would be extremely hard to do. First off, you would have to dock the shuttle and when you do that you have take into consideration the speed and momentum.  My second reason is that if a dust storm were to form and you lived on the surface it may be devastating. My third reason is that if a piece of space debris was to hit a solar panel which you would use to grow plants for food you would have to rewire the whole panel while on the unforgiving surface of mars. My fourth reason is that if your job was to get the oxygen tubes flowing you would have to work in zero gravity  my fifth deduction is that if there is a shortage of something it will have to be flown in from earth. My sixth idea is that if something happened on earth which would not allow the colonists to come back they would be stranded on mars. My seventh conclusion is that if the shipments from earth can no longer come it would be havoc on mars. My eighth reason is that if they are to stay up there for the rest of their lives they would become desperate for their families.