A new Way to Edit Images


Photoshop has been around for 30 years and it has seriously evolved. From starting at Adobe photoshop to photoshop that can make us rethink 

our world. Photoshop has really changed everything it gives people experience its, risky it’s also changed journalism in both bad and good ways.

From the experience that Brandon Woodward had it sounds outstanding. We asked him if he caught on right away. He simply answered, “ It is hard to understand at first but with teachers by your side it really evens it out.” Steve Haigh and Kathleen Jewby were the teachers of this class helping out the kids around them. It seems like most of the kids had fun doing the Photoshop. We asked several people in our class and they all said that it was hard and also fun.

Photoshop can be a risky thing though, it may be fun but you have to be careful on what you see. Fake news is a real thing so photoshopped images are too. Photoshop is unauthorised in journalism in some parts of the world.

In all photoshop is a great tool that can be used in many ways good or bad. Photoshop is great for almost everyone. Journalists, celebrities, and much more.