A Technology Miracle

An article about the famous technology known as drones. Learn things about drones you never knew.


 “Drones are a big deal nowadays,” says drone expert Dave Kinney “We use drones for many things.” This is a very true statement. We mainly use drones to capture motion and images that we can’t get from the ground. “For example,” says friend of Kinney, Kip Wotkyns “Let’s say you’re writing a report on a refugee camp and you say that it is big but readers don’t know how big it actually is. Well with a drone you can show them a picture of how massive it is instead


Although drones are very useful we do have laws and people need to know what is legal and what is illegal. “You can’t just go around taking your drone wherever,” says Wotkyns “You need to know the difference between public and private properties. For instance, let’s say you are a famous movie star someone can’t come to your house and take their drone to the window and take a picture of you unless they have your permission. But if you’re in a park all you have to do is not have the drone above a group of people incase your drone runs out of battery and crashlands.” You also can’t go close to airports because of landing and take off. These are the Colorado laws and there may be different laws in other states.


People believe in the future drones will be much cheaper and better quality. Drones have changed technology and continue to changed it. of describing it.” People also use drones for things like: racing, checking for weeds on farms, finding lost people, (for farmers) finding and herding cows,  and natural disasters. You can also use drones to get to inaccessible areas safely.