An Interview with Jeff Koch


Today we interviewed Jeff Koch. Koch is a chef who teaches students how to cook for other people. He has 2 classes in the school year that he teaches. Each one of his classes has 18 students. Koch’s favorite dessert to make is Crème Brulee. In the Metropolitan State University of Denver Hospitality Learning Center there is a student lounge. Besides that, Koch showed us the demo room where you can fit about 90 students in. When they do demonstrations. there are cameras pointing at the people doing the demo. The cameras go to tv’s in the back of the room for kids to see the demo.
Koch also showed us the Teacher lounge and his office. His office has a great view of the campus. One interesting fact about Koch is he served President Bill Clinton and president Barrack Obama. The chefs he works with are Chef Jimmy, Chef Jackson, and Chef David. One of Koch’s most interesting stories is that “He had 6 ovens and five of them broke down and he had three groups to make food for. One group had 100 people. The second group had 100 people. And the third group had 70 people. But he did it with one oven.”
Some of his hobbies are camping, rock climbing, volleyball, and being with his family. On the side he also teaches people who just came out of jail. Koch also has three dogs. One is named Ranger, one is named Bella and one is named Madi. He also showed us the huge freezer and fridge storing all the cooking essentials. Jeff Koch enjoys teaching and has had a very successful career.