Behind the Wall: Inside the MSU Denver Fitness Center

To some, the Tivoli Recreation center climb wall may seem daunting. July 19, 2018 Photo by Zoe Burks

By Nora Rowe and Zoe Burks

Some people think that the climbing wall at MSU Denver Recreation Center is a waste of time, some think it’s too daunting, and some believe it’s just there for fun. But why? How do human minds differentiate when faced with a challenge such as climbing to the top? There are many opinions on the partially abandoned Tivoli Recreation Center climbing wall.

Jesse Floria, MSU Denverstudent at the gym check in, explains to us, quite frankly, of business in the summer: “It’s normally pretty slow.” Another student working at the check in desk, Jazmin Serrano, says, “Climbing is not in my daily workout. It’s on my list, but I haven’t done it yet.”

Jared Current, Junior at MSU and frequent climber. July 19, 2018 Photo by Nora Rowe

 In the regular school year, 200 students can go into the gym every day to work out, and out of those 200 only 12 students climb on the rock wall. This means that only roughly 6% of students that walk into that rec center actually go on what seems like the main attraction: The climb wall.

Jared Current, Junior at MSU, is a frequent climber who often runs the climb wall at the Rec center. He believes that the reason why a limited population climbs on a given day is because of “perceived barriers to entry.” “People think climbing’s a lot harder than it is,” Jared explains. “They think, ‘Oh, it’s climbing, it’s not for me.’”

Jared, a geology major, explains that one of the reasons he studies geology is because it has a large field component, and he loves getting outside. For someone as connected to nature as as him, the climb wall is a great addition to the Rec center.

James Webster, a Sophomore, lifts weights daily at the MSU Denver fitness center. July 19, 2018 Photo by Nora Rowe

James Webster, a Tivoli Gym member in his sophomore year says, “I typically go to the gym to work out with the weights, but I love to take a quick stop at the climb wall. It’s just a fun activity that is also a great workout.” James believes, “The climb wall is more for fun, the weights are more for utility.”

When you walk into the fitness center, the first thing you see is the climb wall, looming above. Due to a variety of reasons, not many students use the climb wall.  However, the climb wall still stands as a fun activity for students who want to climb. In the future, the climb wall may become more popular, or be torn down, but whatever happens, it will still be a part of MSU’s culture.